Custom Screen Doors

Solid Cedar Screen Door with surrounding Stonework.


     These screen doors are laminated of 3/4" material. Mahogany on the inside, and either clear cedar or teak on the outside. All hardware is oiled bronze which does not change in the weather. They are 1.5" thick and do not change over the years.

After spending so much money on your house, why have the first door that you open be some generic peice of metal or plastic? The mahogany on the inside is finished with a six coat treatment that is the same as the yacht work I do, as it is not subject to ultraviolet light and does not degrade, it's good for years and years. The exterior wood is left unfinished and whether it is cedar or teak, reaches a level of weathering after which it does not change and therefore needs no further attention.


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Solid Cedar Door with Stonework
Solid Double Mahogany Doors
Solid Double Mahogany Doors
Solid Mahogany Door
Solid Cedar and Mahogany Doors
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